Chennai FTZ

Free Trade zone in Chennai and Warehousing Zone

We provide world class warehousing and infrastructure.

Free Trade Zone in chennai

India’s First Notified Free Trade And Warehousing Zone Is Developed And Promoted By J.Matadee Free Trade Zone Pvt. Ltd. Established In 2007 Our Mission Is To Provide World Class Warehousing And Infrastructure, And To Create An Environment Where Our Clients Can Take Full Advantage Of The Opportunities Created By The SEZ Act, 2005.


 24 x 7 CCTV monitoring in all units in Chennai FTZ


 Uninterrupted power supply to all operational units


 Water distribution and storage network through ponds


 Waste management facilities and STP

Internal roads

 Four lane fully lit internal roads


 Rain water harvestings in Chennai FTZ


 Solar power to be provided to units

about chennai FTZ

CHENNAI FTZ is located in  Mannur villege in Sriperumbudur and is approximately 4 km off the NH – 4 (Chennai – Bangalore Industrial cooridor ).Chennai city is less than 30 km away and highly skilled manpower is easily accessible.Both Chennai and Ennore Pory are located about 40 – 50 Kms from the FTZ.Chebbai International Airport is less than 30 kms away. Sriperumbudur is rapidly growing business destination and the industrial capital of Tamil Nadu has received investments of around 20 billion dollars.The area is known as the Detriot of India as it is home to a large number of automobile industries : Hyundai, Renault, Nissan, Ford, BMW , Daimler, major industries with commute times as low as 30 minutes.The locality has witnessed as exponential growth in manufacturing and trade owing to the number of industries that have established large scale operations.A dedicated freight corridor connecting Chennai port to the area is being planned, reducing the commute time to 30 minutes.

FTZ overview

Free Trade and Warehousing is a category of Special Economic Zone, governed by the SEZ Act 2005 issued by the Goverment of India.Free Trade and Warehousing Zones (FTWZ) is designated as a deemed foreign territory which has been created to facilitate the import and export of goods and services with freedom to carry out trade transactions in free currency.

Operating within a free trade zone has numerous advantages. It facilitates modern concept such as just in time delivery and anticipatory shipping in economically viable and tax friendly method. Furthermore, the presence of custom officers on site enable quick clearance of goods and hence minimize the turn around time. The SEZ policies further provides additional benefits such as :

  • Goods can be stored for a period of 2 years without payment of Import Tariffs
  • Goods entering the zone from DTA are deemed as export and are eligible for duty drawback
  • Units in the FTWZ can hold goods on account of Overseas suppliers, Overseas buyers, Domestic Buyers and Domestic Suppliers
  • Imported goods can be re-exported at any time without having to pay duty
  • All transactions are done in Free Foreign exchange
  • Quality control and inspection capability prior to duty payment.
  • Packing or re-packing without processing and labelling as per customer or marketing requirements can be undertaken within the FTWZ
  • Foreign buyers can use the FTWZ Units for inspection of goods and consolidation of cargo from multiple vendors within India and overseas suppliers
  • Value added services on behalf of foreign buyers prior to Exports is permissible.
  • Availability of 100% FDI to set up operations


Chennai Free Trade Zone provides world class facilities enabling you to grow your business without distraction. 



 J Matadee Free Trade Zone,

Chennai Free Trade Zone

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